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Source Ordered Content...How Important is it?

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Source Ordered Content...How Important is it?


I am relatively new to Internet Marketing and just learned about "Source Ordered Content". Where your CSS puts your page content up at the top of the page and then navigation down below for spiders. The benefit as I understand it is that the spiders read the content before they read the navigational links helping with SEO.

Is this really important? I looked at a cached page on one of my sites and I am noticing that my WordPress theme does not do this. Does anyone know of a Wordpress theme that has the content code before the navigational code? Is this an important consideration for ranking well in the search engines?

Thanks so much,
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Hi Rachael,
I have found that with static websites like the ones built by xsitepro that it does put the content and SEO goodies at the top.
Pages load faster this way as well and Google recently announced this would be a SEO factor in determining rankings in the Search results.
But with wordpress, the content is changing and being added all the time with posts and comments, so Google loves this and the coding is not as important as with an xsitepro static site.
Having said that, If you can find a good blog theme with SOC then that is good too.
One more thing, the blog theme that you choose with SOC may not fit in with your niches design or feel and that can raise bounce rates and lower CTR.
Just my 2 cents.

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