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Sorry another link building question

mark schaaf
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Sorry another link building question

I am always seeing people say we can get great back links through social bookmarking sites and I am in the process of using some of them and understand how they work, but I keep seeing that we should use flicker. I have looked over flicker signed up and put up some photos but I don't see anywhere that i can put a link to my web page on it, I thought I read on flicker that if you try to promote yourself too much you will be kicked out, so what is the deal with flicker why are they considered a social bookmarking site and how do we use them, thanks Mark
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Flickr is a site with a very high page rank (# 9) but it currently has a nofollow attribute so it will not help in building backlinks. You can use it for networking and it can generate traffic to your site if you post meaningful comments on other users’ photos with your link or uploading your own image and adding a brief description with a link to your site. It is also a good idea to watermark your images with your website's URL.

To find photos that are relevant to your site, you could use Google and type in "site:flickr.com your keyword" on the search box (ie site:flickr.com weight loss).

You could also read these articles on using Flickr to build site traffic:

Networking with Other Designers Using Flickr, Flickr Alternatives, and Photoblogging

A Comprehensive Guide to Using Flickr for Traffic Building and Brand Marketing

10 Tips to Boost your Flickr Profile
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