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Some duplicate content better than others?

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Some duplicate content better than others?

Does any one know if the number of times content is used on the web effects how google sees it? For example if you grab a wikipedia article on Elvis it might be on 40,000 other sites. But what if the content is only on two other sites or 8 other sites? Would this content do better?
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If your article is posted by another website as point of reference with a link pointing back to your website, then Google looks at that positively. Like in your example, if you just copy and paste the information on Elvis from Wikipedia and publish that as your own, then you get penalized for that. If you write your own article and quote parts of the Wikipedia article on Elvis or reference a paragraph or two of it on your post, then your article and the of Wikipedia's is viewed by Google in a favorable light.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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