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social bookmarking again

mark schaaf
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social bookmarking again

No one seems to want to comment on or has the information to comment on my other social bookmarking question so here is another one, any idea how long after you sigh up for a social site and put your site in your account as a bookmarked site dies it show up in any of the link counters as a link. I am interested in knowing because I have joined at least 15 high pr social bookmarking sites most of them months ago but never see any of them listed as a link on any of the good link checking sites or on traffic travis. I just don't want to take all this time and doing all this work for nothing. thanks
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There are several things there Mark. 1, I did answer this in one of the other threads. social bookmarking isnt about building links it is about engaging the social traffic and getting people directly to your site.

2, the link checking sites like yahoo wont EVER show all the links they give you credit for. so, just because they dont show up doesn't mean that you are not getting credit for those links. You should be grateful for this since it keeps your competition from seeing everything that you do.

3. most social bookmarking sites are NO FOLLOW, mainly because of link spammers (those who onnly post their own links, never join the community, and basically are wasted space on their servers).

IF you want to do social bookmarking, you want to engage the community. I usually start commenting on other bookmarked links, join groups related to my interests, and BE SOCIAL. its called SOCIAL bookmarking for a reason. that is where the benefit of using these sites is at.

Also, if you are using social bookmarking, dont just do your own content. I bookmark my own stuff 1/10 that I bookmark. I bookmark other people's sites, stuff that I find interesting, and want to share with others. I go into the bookmarking sites, and comment and boost other people's bookmarks.

Social bookmarking can help a lot, if you do it properly. If you don't, the community will see you as a spammer, and will ignore everything that you do, and often you will get banned from their site eventually.

It doesn't take much to do. For example, I spend 1 day a week on social traffic, as well as randomly throughout the week. Also, I would focus on one or two of the bookmarking sites at a time. Each one is different, so take some time to learn how their community works. Become an active member. With stumbleupon, I spend at least 2-3 hours every week stumbling, thumbing things up or down, commenting on other people's posts, and making friends requests. I only stumble my own content about 1/10 sites that I thumb up.

The real benefit is to engage people, and get them to share your stuff. I also find bookmarking works better with my blogs than static sites. I think part of this has to do with monetization. On my blogs, I don't monetize every post. I give a lot of valuable content, and actually only sell directly on occassion.

When you do this, you can do what we call Link Baiting. Basically link bait is something so valuable, helpful, funny, or controversial, that people have to share it with other people. the whole point of a link bait piece is to get other people to link to your site, share it on their bookmarking profiles, facebook, and wherever they go. I did a link bait piece by accident on another blog a few months ago. Now, the reason I say accidentally is because I did it as a guest post, and it took off. Between me and the blog owner, we built about 200 links to the post, yet it has over 1000 links showing up in Yahoo. knowing that they only share a portion of the links, thats a lot of people lining to that particular post. a lot of those links are coming from social bookmarking sites.
There are entire training courses dedicated to proper social bookmarking, but this is a general idea of how to go about doing it. it takes a lot more work initially than just link building, but over time, it can take off and become much easier, if you do it right.
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