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Sites getting blocked by company network

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Sites getting blocked by company network

I have a new dilemma. I usually post or work on my wp sites during my lunch hour at work.

Our company network is now blocking any site it cannot categorize. I am in IT and our corporate office states that
sites must have a category of business. I was also told this is in the meta tags somewhere.

I cannot get into any of my wp sites or wp-admin. Is there some way to set this tag? When I look at page source for a blog that I can see, I can't seem to find anything relevant that I can copy.

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I believe you will need to speak to your company's network administrator about this, if possible. Network permissions can be configured in many different ways and it all depends on how your company's network is set up.

If you cannot arrange it with your network administrator and if you can use a remote access software or utility like teamviewer or logmein from your work computer, what you can do is access your personal computer remotely so that you can work on your website(s) during breaks.
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you should talk with your company's network engineer and remove blocked website or blocked category named business and your problem will be solve.
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