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site URL extensions

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site URL extensions


My website has a dot com extension. I have been told that if one owns "all" the commonly used extensions (for your web site name), it will definitely have a positive impact; yeilding improved positions/visibility when people use search Engines (to find relevant items in your area).

The relevant extensions I'm referring to are: .net .biz .info .org and .us

(These would be set up to automatically forward any internet user to the .com extension)

I would appreciate anyone's input on this.

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Hi tyuqte,

It really depends on what kind of website you have, if it's just a personal website, then i don't think spending extra money would be worth it.

Now, if you are running a website with an income potential and you think that paying the extra cost for purchasing additional domain names will not greatly affect your pocket; instead it will give you more benefits, then I think it's a good move. By securing the other URL extensions available can give you the peace of mind that nobody can try to copy your website and pose as if they are the legitimate site. Think of it like an insurance policy. Another advantage is that it will be easier for the Users to go to your website even if they forgot if it's .com, .net, .au, etc. Because whatever extension they use, it will still be routed to your website. I'm not saying that you need to buy all the available URL extensions, just use the common ones like .net, .org, .us(if your from the United States) or your countries' designated URL extension.

Just really make sure that it's routed to the correct website so that you won't have any traffic issues in the future.

Go to this link: http://www.affilorama.com/site-building ... omain-name
It will give you more information about Registering Domains.

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It won't make one bit of difference to search engines. In fact if you have all those TLDs you want to point them all to one or the search engines will actually see your one site as several different sites and dilute any benefit you get from links, etc.

Pointing the different extensions at the .com will mean search engines will see your site only as having the .com extension.

You may want to grab the different extensions for branding purposes. So that people don't confuse you at .com with another company at .net or .biz, but it's not going to help with search traffic.
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