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SEO: The toughest Job on the Planet

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SEO: The toughest Job on the Planet

The seo job I found the toughest on the planet. We in seo learn a lot and use good and also bad means to rank better in search results. We do the hard work of learning the act and bring websites up in rankings. Then suddenly Google rolls out an algorithm and most of us go at the starting point. This is interesting but can be very stressful at some times. Even they who use good techniques in seo will agree with this. They too have somewhere been panalyzed by Google. The success in seo is like melting ice in our hands. What are your thoughts about the seo job??
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Hi Stevex,

I agree that Google Algo can be very frustrating and that is why IMers should not rely solely to SEO for traffic. There are a lot of ways to get traffic other than doing SEO. You can do social media, build your list through newsletter marketing, do PPC, and a whole lot more.
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