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seo, search engine results and keywords

mark schaaf
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seo, search engine results and keywords

The more I look at SEO and what i have done and what I do for search results getting back links and so on the less i understand what is going on. I asked a question a few days ago for something related and got some good answers but I have some more questions. First i would like to say what i am doing is working but also confusing, example my url has italian travels in it but my home page is optimized for italian travel and italian vacation and when I check traffic travis I get an A for both sets of keywords, I only use the words italian travels 2 times on my home page, I use italian travel 8 times and italian vacation 9. It is not keyword stuffing for either only 1 of each keyword phrase per 100 words and the article flows well when using the word string. I do know that my H1 tag has italian travels and italian travel in it. when i type into yahoo for italian travels and click on show italian travels only other wise you get italian tavel also I show up on page 1, if i type the same into google I show up on page 3. now one of the puzzling things however if I type in italian travel which is what I optimized for I am way back in the pages for yahoo but i was on page 8 before I changed some things on my site I fixed some grammar mistakes. also in google if I type in italian travel I see many things like italian travel suites and italy travel long before you find my site. I looked at both sites and there title tags say what i just typed, I don't see anywhere that they have an H1 tag or even much in the way of text on there home page. so often I get real confused with some of this stuff. how can italy travel show up in the search results before many sites that have italian travel when my word search is italian travel not italy travel. and I checked there links and other stuff with SEO quake and they didn't have many links either. Could part of it be that my url has italian travels in it meaning all my back links even the one's that don't go to my home page will have the words italian travels in it. and I still don't understand why my site dropped so far back in the search results for italian travel and italian vacation soon after i fixed some mistakes on my site. Can anyone explain what could be happening. especially why my site went so far back in the search results. thanks Mark
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One thing that you have to realize is that Google has over 200 factors that they look at when ranking a webpage, and SEO is a tough game to play. Chances are the sites that are not optimized yet still ranking have a lot of authority with google.

dont just look at the score when doing keyword analysis. sometimes it is misleading.

for example, when I look at Italian Travel, I quickly notice that although the top ranking sites are not well optimized, they all have thousands of backlinks to the page.

knowing that search engines dont report all the backlinks to those sites, I am willing to bet they have a massive number of links. You cannot just match what they report the sites having.

all of the top 10 sites except 1 are huge authority sites. they have hundreds of pages and hundreds of thousands of links to the site. this will make it extremely difficult to rank highly on that search term. also, a lot of those pages have a huge number of trusted site links from .edu and .gov sites.

with all those authority sites, you will have a tough time getting on page one for Italian Travel. personally, I would look for less comptetetive keywords to target early on. as you build your site up more, you can always try to target bigger keywords. also, if you are optimized for a long tail version of the keyword like Italian Travel Guides or Italian Travel Packages (depending on what you are targeting the site to promote), you are also going to automatically be optimized for the shorter version of Italian Travel, and in time you may rank for that keyword if you build the site up into an authority site. But, it is going to take a lot of time and work to build up that much authority.
My experience with my own sites has been that Yahoo shows about 1/3 of all the links I have and Google is closer to about 1-2% of all my links, which is where TT gets its data from. So if the top sites have 20,000 backlinks, I know I will need at least 3 times that many to even have a chance.

when building links, your anchor text to your internal pages needs to be the keywords you are targeting for that page, not the main site keyword.

looking at the keyword, the search volume really is to low to be worth that much hassle to try ranking for. if it got hundreds of thousands of searches it might, but it only shows 9000 monthly searches. I build a site targeting 100 keywords getting less than 1000 monthly searches, get them ranking faster, and get more traffic than focusing all that same time trying to rank for that one keyword. I would look at that keyword as a long term investment, but focus on smaller keywords to build up your authority and get some faster traffic to your site.
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Hi Mark,

A big reason for ranking fluctuations is also your site age. Is your site less than a year old? Sometimes you'll put up a fresh site and see it ranking highly for awhile, only to have it drop away for a few months. Just keep at it and you will get the rankings that you deserve.
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