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SEO/PPC percentages

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SEO/PPC percentages

I have a keyword at position #2 on the 1st page of Google. It gets about 2000 impressions per month.

It has been at #2 for about three weeks, however I have only had about 10 impressions.

If the SEO/PPC ratio is about 70/30, would this not mean that I should get about 5 impressions per da ?

Part of the problem may be the meta description tag that Google uses, which is terrible. I have a totally different one in my all in one SEO pack, but Google doesn't use it.

Any other reasons for such a low amount of impressions ? There is a city name in the keyword, and Google seems to have a ton of paid ads above the organic listings.

Thank you.
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hey Cassie, just replied to your PM on this.

Are you looking at exact match or broad match for the 2000? that may be the problem. Broad match will look at any relevant search terms that it might be ranking for (but might not be), so that could kill your views. exact match will only look at terms containing that exact phrase, which will be more accurate.

sometimes keywords with 10,000 broadmatch searches only get 100-200 exact match. that is a huge difference.

As for the description, google has a bad habit of ignoring those because of people using them to stuff keywords. they largely ignore most meta tags now and pick stuff off of your page at random.
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