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Seo Help On "Pretty Link Lite" Follow or No Follow?

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Seo Help On "Pretty Link Lite" Follow or No Follow?

Hi Was Wanting Help With an SEO Question I'am Working On a Wordpress Site That Will Be selling 'Amazon Products" and for obvious SEO Reasons Want To Hide "Affiliate Links" So I.am Using "Pretty Link Lite" Now I've turned The Links Into Nice keyword Rich and SEO Friendly Links But Am Unsure Do I Leave Them Has "Do-Follow Links" To Get Keyword Value Plus Link Value Due To "Inner Links" Or Make Them "No-Follow Links" to Prevent The Search Engines From Determining Them Has affiliate Links??? Which Would Be Better SEO Value For Me "Do-Follow" or No-Follow" ????? Appreciate Any Help!!
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Make them no follow.
"Inner Links" - I don't get this part ... affiliate links are external links.
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I always make my affiliate links no-follow links.
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