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SEO Congrats to Sean on getting on page 2 of Google

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SEO Congrats to Sean on getting on page 2 of Google

I saw your site on page 2 for your main keyword in Google.... getting there!!!! :D :D :P

SEO is wonderful is it not?
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Whoa, thats a nice surprise. We were just talking about not expecting to get listed until March.

This is the first time I've had a site rank for major keywords. I didn't think SEO was that easy. Sure I've put in a lot of work, but none of it has been too tricky.
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Same for me, Good job.

I didn't think that SEO was so easy too. I wonder why people are doing black hat for quick profits and being banned every thre month.

Kudos for Mark to helping us to become super affiliates.

I can say that being on the first page really increase your income. I can't wait to have more sites.

Let's go to work now.
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