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SEO and web forwarding

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SEO and web forwarding

Hi All

If I buy a domain name, but dont get hosting and then use web forwarding to a (free) blog site, and then generate all my backlinks to the domain name I have bought is there SEO value here? Would perhaps the backlinks count but no on-page optimisation elements for my keywords would count in the search engines?

Any feedback welcome.

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Rankings on search engines depend on more than just backlinks. Google says that it takes into consideration more than 200 factors when ranking pages, and they do not really say what all those factors are. On-page optimization is one of those factors that are known and it really would be best to make the most of it, because it is also something that we can control.

Of course, building backlinks to your domain name will count towards ranking your site, but it alone cannot get you high rankings.
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