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SEO And Iframes

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SEO And Iframes

I recently added iframes to the sites which were ranking page one on google. after 3-4 days both sites dropped to page 2 and 3

i am very much sure that adding iframes was the main reason to this

now i have removed the iframes, so does anyone thing that my rankings will come back?

i think if google crawls the site again and see no iframe, will my site be at page 1 again?

please answer this
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I've read in various sites that having iFrames on your website affect SEO because the information on the iFrame is not counted by search engine bots as on-page text. They index the page the information on the iFrame is on.

If you have taken out the iFrames, then there is a chance that you can get your rankings back but you still need to work on your SEO just the same.
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