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search engine results

mark schaaf
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search engine results

I have been asking people on the forum for a while what could have happened to my search engine results in google because I was in the top 10 pages in search results for one set of keywords and in the top 20 for another. I got a lot of answers that it happens a lot and it will come back but it didn't, So today I went onto my web site and looked at page view to check out everything and noticed my meta description and thought how did that get like that. I went into my web editor and checked it out and while looking i remembered in my editor it doesn't say anything about meta tag or meta description in what i call resource boxes but I have two places where it says description. After I figured out which description box was for the meta description I read it. I do remember changing the description in this boxes but I don't remember making a typo on one of the first words so I changed the wording just a tiny bit and spelled everything correctly and updated my site. Now I had checked my search results less then 20 minutes before in yahoo and it was the same as it has been for a month but in google I wasn't even in the top 75 pages but once I fixed my meta description I am now in the top 10 pages again. I guess what i would suggest to people, and try to remember myself is that if anything like this happens don't just think it is back links dropping off or something, check everything else also. If I hadn't checked my meta description I could have been wondering what happened for months more.
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Thank you for sharing that information, Mark ;)

It's good to be reminded to always make sure that the optimization are in place. Both on page and off page optimization are vital parts of your overall SEO strategy and will really help in your site's ranking.
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Thats not the exact reason.. Even if you don't have the exact description in meta description, google will find something else from your content and will give it to the user... But what really made your page to jump pages is because you uploaded it once again which means you updated the page... From the day you launched your website and submitted your page, google keeps an eye on your page.. The moment google realises that you are regularly updating the page, that particular page will be given more importance...Try this.. Just upload the index page everyday and you will see extra ordinary result in a week...
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