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Same keyword with different URL

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Same keyword with different URL

Kindly tell me that Can I use two same keywords with different URL in the signature of my post or I need to register a multiple account for this. Is it legit. Will forums administrator banned my account in that case. Share your suggestions with me.
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It's okay to use the same anchor text on different URLs. Just make sure that the post that you have published and the page that your linking to is relevant.

If you make posts that are duplicate content or have the only purpose to advertise your site or services then this would be considered as spamming. Spammers' accounts are banned and deleted.
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alot of that will also depend on the forum rules. here, they are pretty good about it. but if you are just looking for links, dont waste your time... Forums are for engagement, and ,most forum links dont really do much for seo anyway since most forums are either no follow or don't allow links at all due to all of the spammers.
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