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Safest way to replace my XSite Pro site with a Wordpress

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Safest way to replace my XSite Pro site with a Wordpress

One of my sites that I built around 2 years ago following the Affiloblueprint is still making money and I'm hardly touching it.

I'm planning on expanding the site to make it a true authority site in it's niche.

Right now it's an old XSite Pro 1 model, which limits me in what I want to do, so I want to transfer everything over to a wordpress site by copying all the articles and links on the site.

What do you guys think is the safest way to do this without losing or compromising the site's rankings?

Thanks :)
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Hi Rubanz,

There have been discussions on moving from Wordpress to XSite Pro and you can follow the suggested method, only in reverse since you will be moving from XSite Pro to Wordpress.

You need to manually transfer your articles over to Wordpress then add 301 redirects to the new article permalinks.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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