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RSS Feed

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RSS Feed

I am trying to implement the RSS feed tactic for web 2.0 sites. After listening to the info in AB I understand the principle abd how it works but it doesn’t explain fully where to put the RSS feed url.


If I create an article in Blogger.com with 3 links back to my site and I obtain the RSS feed for that site, I don’t understand where you need to put that link in your next web 2.0 site.

Say I went to Xanga and put up the same article spun uniquely again with another 3 links back to my site – Where do you put the RSS feed Url – it can’t go in the content as you already have 3 links.

Also it wouldn’t look write linking back to another site with a similar article.

Is there an option somewhere in the sites to put this feed address in? I have looked but can only see the RSS feed button.

Thanks in advance
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Most of the sites will have a module or an option to add an RSS feed from other site.
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also, dont link to the same article. vary your linking to different articles, and build links to other pages. but be careful. some sites have caught on to this strategy and are banning people for using it to get around their link limit policies.
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