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Recently faced issue of ranking down

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Recently faced issue of ranking down

My website was ranking well on Google for good keywords recently it started working on same keywords where it was top 5 on no. 1 page for having 2 or 3 words good keywords very high competitions as well.

Now all where i can see there is ranking 4Th to 5Th page for most of the keywords.

It happened suddenly just a few days back.

I know that there is lots of things i need to check including i am plan to check on site SEO and off site SEO i plan to check don't go to paid links etc.

But i need good suggestion of SEO Gurus that what can be the best practices i shall do in order to get the google trust.

My site worked well for more than 2 yrs in Google just got down in google.

Also is google reconsider request required ?

Will wait for updates / reply..
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Google has changed a lot of their algorithms over the last few months. there are a lot of factors. these happen all the time, and it can be difficult to tell what is causeing the changes. I have seen a lot of wild fluctuations over the last few months myself, and it has been a headache trying to keep up with all the changes.
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