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Punished by Google :-(

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Punished by Google :-(


So it seems that I had some pages that I initially published in Wordpress in the wrong category, so I went back and republished in another category. So as is, these pages must have stuck around somewhere on the server and google crawled them. So I had 16 different ducplicate meta tags and page titles that were indexed. To my chagrin it seems Google didn't like that and they either buried my site in the search engine or pulled it altogether.

I went ahead and quickly added those pages to my robot txt file and even though google is still crawling my site, i'm no where to be found, from first page in "" and 4th page and climbing to non-existent.

Kind of a bummer cause I didn't even know these pages existed. I had invested about 1000 bucks total on software/articles/etc. now i don't know where i stand. Do I purchase a new domain and start from square one? Or try and wait it out, I sent an appeal to Google, but that can take weeks or some say months.

<sigh again>

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It may not be entirely because you changed the categories. Google is said to have changed their algorithms recently and many website owners saw changes in their rankings. Just make sure that you no longer have duplicate pages and that your content is A-1, and keep building backlinks. Pretty soon your pages will rise in the SERPs again.
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