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Products pages need to be optimised not the site

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Products pages need to be optimised not the site

I own a website where by I offer reviews on Natural health Remedies. After few months (and 2 sales only) of hard work I realized that I am SEOing the wrong pages. I put all my efforts to optimize the main pages and neglected the pages that are really the "sell" pages which are the product's pages. These pages are in my subdomains. My questions are:

1. Am I correct?
2. Do the search engines see sub-domains as new site or they see them as connected to my main site?
3. Should I put all my efforts in SEOing these pages and submit them one by one

Sorry for the "so many questions". Can you look at my site (with my signature) and comment?
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honestly, subdomains are a complicated issue. In some ways as far as indexing and ranking, they count each subdomain as a separate link, but all links built to a subdomain will help boost the main domain. it gets really complicated, hope that is not too confusing.

anhyway, you should focus on building links to your main money pages first. worry about the article pages once the money pages are ranking
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yes that's right product page must be optimize and create meta tag for that and do off page submission for that.
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