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Possible to Avoid a Dup Content Filter?

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Possible to Avoid a Dup Content Filter?

Hi guys,

I'm starting up a site that will sell retail products. UNfortunately the product descriptions we are provided with from the manufacturer are already all over the web word for word.

Is is possible for me to use these same descriptions on my site and somehow avoid the duplicate content filter?

Thanks in advance!
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What I would recommend is taking their description and rewriting it in your own words, so that it isn't duplicate content.
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What you can do is re-word the description so that it will be atleast different from the description on the web.

There are several things you that you can do to avoid the duplicate content filter. First, you must be able to check your pages for duplicate content using Similar page checker. This tool allows you to determine the percentage of similarity between two pages. By entering the URL's of two pages, this will compare those pages, and point out how they are similar so that you can make them unique.

Since you need to know which sites might have copied your site or pages, you will need some help. You can use Copyscape. It is a tool that searches for copies of your page on the internet. Using copyscape, you can put in your web page URL to find replicas of your page on the internet which can help you create unique content or even address the issue of someone borrowing your content without your permission.
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