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Position of Links in Blogpost

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Position of Links in Blogpost

Hi Guys,
in affiloblueprint, we are taught to create a fat affiliate link above the fold and at the end of our article.

What about blog post that we create such as in hubpages and squidoo etc. Do you insert a link in the middle of your article too? I think it will catch the readers attention better, but am just wondering if blog owners will frown upon it.

Thanks in advance for your opinions.

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Blog post layouts are different than static websites. In a blog post, I just add links as they fit naturally into the text. Honestly I get a higher conversion rate with that than I do with the AB layout. part of that is because people are used to seeing links because blogs link to other blogs and relevant content on other sites all the time, so people are ,more likely to click links in a good blog post as long as the anchor text is relevant to what they want to learn.
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You could use the article layout on "SEO Optimization Tips for a YO Blog Post". That would help you optimize your blog posts :)
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