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Original content vs PLR for SEO Panda update

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Original content vs PLR for SEO Panda update


I was hoping other forum members could answer a ?

My first site that I created I used PLR articles and rewrote them 30-50%. Now it seems with the Panda update my rankings are all over the place, sometimes certain keywords will rank in google for 2 days or so. Then there not ranked at all for 2 weeks, and then come back and forth like that. Is this normal for not having original content?

I have other websites with original content and they are usually consistent. My ? is should I delete all of my PLR articles and put in all new original content? Or can I just put in original content on certain pages I want to rank for and leave the rest PLR or would it also hurt rankings still having some of the articles PLR?

Thanks for your input,
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Hi Ice,
If the content is only 30% spun, then I would use that 30% and rewrite the other 70% so you have a 100% unique article. Hopefully that will stop Google from playing hide and seek with that dupe content.
If Google is playing around with your pages then why risk your pages jumping all over the place.
I always have minimum 70% original article and 30% or less PLR spun content mixed in.
Google is getting better at spotting Duplicate content and will continue to do so, so the way I see it, I am future proofing my site as I do not want to put a lot of hard work or money (outsourcing) into a site, only to have them press a big red button and it goes from page 1 to page 5.

Having said that, I always try to go for 100% unique written content...then I do not have to play around with the article to make sure it passes Google's dupe check.
My reason for this is I just can not be bothered watching Google play ringa ringa rosy with my site.

Just my 2 cents.

Troy :)
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