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Optimization of several products - Should I do it?

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Optimization of several products - Should I do it?

I've been up all night working on my site. On one page in particular. So I'm looking at this page, and I'm thinking, man, this sucker is getting way to big as I was promoting about 5 products in one general type of category. I'm thinking how in the hell, am I going to target all these keywords, in the page, because the one general term probably has massive competition.

Now correct me if I'm wrong. But one product = one page. There for optimize each page for each product=let's say 5 people typing in each different keyword i'm optimizing for separately=5 times the amount of traffic I could be having coming into my site, on the different pages.

Does this make sense, or am I just way over tired? hahaha, sorry just need to know I'm not losing my noodle here!

Thanx Davin
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Yes do a seperate page for easier target keywords.

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I don't know if your maths is altogether correct, but it sounds like you're on the right track, despite the sleep deprivation :)

Don't try to optimize one page for too many keywords. Try to be more specific, and try not to optimize for more than two or three keyword phrases per page.

Remember you're not going to be getting very much traffic at all if you're not appearing near the top of the search engine results, regardless of the size of the market. If you can be more specific then you'll have a better shot, not to mention you'll be receiving more highly targeted traffic.

It might be better if you put together a bunch of articles or other material around your particular keyword themes. Make sure you check out the new material I've added from my interview with Charles Heflin about this stuff. Then have your articles link to reviews of products that are appropriate to these terms, or else casually drop in a recommendation here and there.

Try to eventually build up a few pages of information centering around each topic, because that will help you with your natural SEO -- particularly if your topic (and the products you're promoting) span a broad market.

And don't forget to sleep!

- Mark
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