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Not sure if Google has indexed my website

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Not sure if Google has indexed my website


I have some concerns with my site. My site is http://symaremotehelicopter.com and when I do a search in Google it is on page 1. My friend verified it and got the same results.

I had this site on Wordpress.org and I was having trouble getting Adsense page views and clicks. My Google Analytics shows the stats are going up almost daily from 1 a day to the most I have had is 20 in a day. So why isn't my site showing page reviews in Adsense?

When I first created this site I had Amazon images that are clickable where I would be able to make money and also some Adsense. It was showing clicks when I had them both Amazon and Adsense. Then a friend recommended that Google doesn't like to have both Amazon and Adsense on the same page. So I changed it to a regular image only and removed the links. I also installed Quick Adsense.

In the next several days I have had virtually no page views or clicks. I went to Google Webmaster Tools and added the site to get indexed and I still didn't get any page views with Adsense but I have been getting it with Google Analytics. That to me does not make any sense. I also have some comments that showed in dashboard that Adsense didn't pick up.

I went to Google Webmaster Tools and chose a preferred domain name of http://symaremotehelicopter.com and I have a sitemap on it that I have also submitted.

Tonight I went to Google SERPs Checker Tool and submitted my site and it didn't show up in the top 64. But in Google Search I have it as Page One in Google.

So why am I not getting any Adsense page views when I see that my site is on page 1 in Google? Am I on page 1 on Google or not???

This is really frustrating for me and I am about to give up on this site and delete it. What should I do to get this indexed? And to get Adsense show page views.

When I go to my site and then I go to Adsense there is a page view. Adsense is working for me. So why is this happening?
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Your site is indexed by Google: http://www.google.com/search?q=site%3As ... =firefox-a

You might find these posts helpful to resolve your issue on your page views in Adsense:

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Adsense doesn't seem to be recognizing page views

Why don't my AdSense impressions equal my page views?

All the best!
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You can find solutions for your problems here: http://support.google.com/adsense/bin/a ... wer=161355 I hope this will help you.
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