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No traffic from Google!

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No traffic from Google!

hi guys

i recently set up a site and over the last month i have recieved traffic from ezines, facebook ect. i am using google analytics to see my traffic and as of yet i havnt had any1 click on to my site through google and my keywords.

if i search for my keywords on google for most of my keywords i am in the top 10 pages with a few of them in the top 4. also trafic travis says i am not ranked but i obviosly am.

i would love some help or infomation on why people just arnt clicking.

i hope this makes sence.

thankyou for any info you can give!

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You really need to be on the first page of Google to get any clicks. You might get a handful on the second page, but I wouldn't really expect any on the fourth page or beyond.

Just keep building backlinks and your SERPs will get better with time.
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