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"No follow" tags in affiliate links

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"No follow" tags in affiliate links

Hi everyone,

I have been doing some reading about putting no follow tags in the affiliate links but there seems to be conflicting suggestions. It seems that this practice helps preserve the page PR and I believe Charles Heftin mentioned it in one of his papers that it would help build a well structured silo site.

So I was wondering what affilorama members are doing. Do you currently use the no follow tags in your affiliate link?

Also I couldn't find any good examples of where to place the tag in the link. Does it matter exactly where you place it and what is the exact bit of code you use?

Thanks in advance

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I think it's a personal preference really... and depending on what page of the site the link is on. It also does not matter where in the link it is placed as long as it is in the first part (before the clickable text etc...). To be safe, I would nofollow all around.
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It clearly is better to add the nofollow attribute to affiliate links. Here's what I do:

1. Not using the affiliate link directly but a quick-generated XsitePro redirect. Redirect pages should have the "noindex" robot attribute in addition.

2. Activating the "nofollow" attribute for these links within my article content pages (the links to a.m. redirects).


a) The internal link stucture maintains more link weigth (Google counts these as well) in order to help with PR optimization (it is not much, but still, it sums up).

b) Your site is not so easily degraded as a "bad, bad affiliate site" by Google and other search engines...

c) Prospectives and gonna-be customers for your affiliate product can't directly see it is an affiliate link when hovering over the link.

Sure there may be more advantages and disadvantages, but thats how I see it.
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