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New but Rank

ambit energy
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New but Rank

Hi everyone,

I encountered sometimes a website that is still under process or just a fresh websites but the Ranks is already amazing that's on top.

Just having a BIG question marks on my mind.

Can anyone knows how they did it?


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Sometimes Google will rank new websites well for a short period of time. Sort of like how a bookstore will place new arrivals in the front window.

This happened to me with my first website. I thought I was so cool. Then about a week later, all my rankings came crashing down and I had to work to get them back up :)
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Sometimes you'll see relatively new sites rank highly for awhile then drop away for a few weeks/months then go up again. This is because Google is re-evaluating the site to see if it should remain in their index and what keywords it should rank for.

Don't worry about the those sites, they would drop in the rankings if they have low quality.

Just make sure your site is properly optimized. Keep building quality backlinks and add fresh content to your site and you'll eventually see your site on the top position.
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