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Need Feedback on Linkumate

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Need Feedback on Linkumate

Hello Board,

Is anyone here familiar with the linkumate service: http://linkumate.com/

What grabbed my attention was this: "If I could give you instant access to a network of over 800
sites, with literally hundreds of thousands of indexed pages in
Google, a network spread over 14 servers, a network that includes
hundreds of unique class C IP addresses, a network that uses a
proprietary method of distributing links so that the power of the
network is virtually unlimited to the point that you have an
almost infinite number of linking possibilities, and to top it
off a network that takes at most 5-10 minutes of your time to
setup, would you be interested?"

Apparently linkumate has all of the above, which if it were true would be cool... does anybody know anything about these guys?

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Honestly I can't give any kind of review for this site... However... If I was to make a guess..... it's a scam site.... I would for one never enter my credit card on a site that only had an e-mail for a contact. There is no "about" section. It's not even a secure server. I wouldn't trust it ... at all. No physical address... for all you know this site was set up by some one out of the US looking for credit card numbers... they may not even be any content at all.

You never know ... it could be the secret we are all looking for but all signs point to scam.

Actually what it looks like is they are playing off someones clickbank product. That's a HUGE NO NO. I've seen a ton of these types of Scam sites.... they use other popular good products to build trust and then charge your credit card like crazy.
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I haven't seen any positive responses on different forums about this product. I wouldn't invest on it. See below:

http://koreinternet.com/linkumate-revie ... ou-buy-it/
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