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My Clickbank hoplinks aren't working

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My Clickbank hoplinks aren't working

Hi all,

I have a Hoplink problem.

According to the lessons, I place the clickbank hoplink in banners, text links etc. on my website pages. I take the Clickbank HTML code for that.

However on several pages the links do not work, whereas I use the same working formula to add them, or they work for a day and then no longer.

So how is that possible?

Another issue is that the hoplinks seem to change.

Normally they start with

<a href="http etc.

But when I check back in the Link properties later, the hoplink is changed to

lt;a href="http etc.

How is that possible?

Another thing I notice is that the hoplinks at Clickbank change all the time. For one of the products, I did a check and in between half an hour I got 4 different hoplinks HTML codes.

Is that a normal happening?

Next issue is when I watch my website and hover over my affiliate links which do not work, in my bottom bar of the website a code shows up with a link to my computer ‘documents and settings’ URL starting as file:///C:Documents and Settings/ going to XsitePro database including also my hoplink. I believe that is pretty ‘dangerous’ ?

I hope you guys can help me out here since it is disturbing and very time consuming.

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Hi Rob

ClickBank hoplinks should be unique to your ClickBank id - use the Create Hoplink option and copy the full link ready for pasting into a link on your website.

When adding the link, make sure you paste the full URL - starting with the http://

Hope that helps
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Thanks Jason,

I noted what you said and also have found out about a part of my problem by reading back the lessons.

So I have implemented that on my website and that part is now solved, which is the use of hoplinks. They are ok now.

I just made a mistake and should have checked the lessons.

I do use the Create Hoplink function like you say.

However my issue with these changing hoplinks still exists.

Even this morning I just did a check and for product X I used the Create Hoplink function and copied the link to my admin file to use it on the website. Then after half an hour did the same again, for the same product, same procedure, being checked in, and saw a different Hoplink code.

It does work though. I edited the 'new' hoplink on only one banner, just for a check and published my site.

- it has the http identification in the right way
- it leads/links to my product
- it mentions my Clickbank Nickname

So basically all is fine, i just wonder why the 'codes' change all the time. That's confusing?

I have written to Clickbank about it.

Thanks Jason :)

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