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Monetization Split test

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Monetization Split test

Alright, though it is not mentioned in the blueprint as our spoken method of laying out our article pages to induce sales, I am split testing two methods of monetizing our sites to see which is the better method over all.

Here is my page which follows the dictum of affiloblueprint: http://www.sonic-producer.us/audio-mastering-sofware/

Here is a sample of the type of monetization i will be testing: http://www.groomweddingspeech.org/

Obviously the blueprint teaches us to build up super obvious animated gif images and bold text as a blatant call to action for the visitor. I am just curious of the second method, using passive anchor text that looks completely natural within the article body, and whether it is more or less effective for conversions.

Has anyone experimented with this? I know a few highly ranking sites for various keywords (such as the groomweddingspeech example above) do convert highly, so it makes me curious of the comparative effectiveness of that method of monetization compared to the method affiloblueprint teaches.
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Hi heavysm,

Do come back to us with the results. I am eager to find out which works better. I am sure the majority, if not all, of Affilorama members would also want to know what you find out.
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