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Mistakes in content cause indexing problem?

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Re: Mistakes in content cause indexing problem?

If you can share with us the address of the website you think has been penalised in Google, we can check if it does actually appear to be the case. Many times people think they have been de-indexed or something, when really they're just not ranking well.

You can private message it to me if you don't want to share it in the forum. Is it one of the websites in your signature, or in your profile?

To answer your question: It is very unlikely that the odd spelling mistake is going to cause Google to reject your website. But your site *may* be demonstrating other behaviors which make it a "poor user experience", which may get it penalised under Panda. Spelling and grammatical mistakes may be one of the components, but just by themselves?.... I really doubt it.

It would really help (and be a lot faster for you) if you could show us your site.
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Also Bing just posted this to their webmaster blogs:

"This might all seem a bit “down in the weeds”, but just as you’re judging others’ writing, so the engines judge yours. If you struggle to get past typos, why would an engine show a page of content with errors higher in the rankings when other pages of error free content exist to serve the searcher? Like it or not, we’re judged by the quality of the results we show. So we are constantly watching the quality of the content we see."

http://www.bing.com/blogs/site_blogs/b/ ... ve-it.aspx

I love Bing tehehehe. :-)
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