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M ling info

mark schaaf
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M ling info

A year or so ago I saw a webinar by Mark Ling on SEO where He said not to use the page title in the url or in the meta discription or something like that on non home pages on a web site. He said they could be similar but should be different. I started doing that on my site but looked at some of my later pages and noticed many of them I was using the same wording in 2 and sometimes all 3 places. I also thought I remember seeing a later short film where mark was building his WoW site where he had 2 of the 3 all the same. I think that may be why I started using the same wording in some of my pages title and url because I couldn't find the original Ling info to refer to. So does anyone know what is correct because I haven't been able to find anything on SEO on line that talks about this subject. I also was on another forum about a different subject and one guy said I should get some basic SEO knowledge because I had none and redo my pages and I would see big changed in where I rank in search results. I have a little problem with this because I have TT 4 and when I do a page info check TT4 as well as TT3 which is what I used on the first half of my site say everything is fine. Anyone know where to get some good and accurate SEO info. It doesn't matter if it is a book I have to buy or something on the net I just want to know good information. Also if anyone wants to look at the SEO of any of my pages my site is www. my italian travels dot com. Thanks Mark
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Hi Mark,

I'll see if I can locate that video you're referring to and will update this thread when I do. As far as I know, you don't necessarily have to have the page title in the meta description. The URL contains the page/post title most of the time because it's easier to organize and remember your pages and URLs that way.

As I have personally experienced, there is not one "good, accurate SEO info". There's plenty of SEO advice out there and you will see they differ from one another. What we recommend as far as SEO is concerned is what we know works. So the most you can do is find what SEO strategy works for you.

What changes did that individual suggest? You might want to give it a try and see if it works. If he just said you don't know anything about SEO and to make changes to your site then that doesn't help you at all and you need to move on to the next person. We have additional lessons on SEO here on the site that you can go through as well as posts on the Affilorama blog. You might want to check those out.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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