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Looking for Link Exchange Websites

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Looking for Link Exchange Websites

Dear Friends,

can anybody recommend any good link exchange websites or services that won't get you banned or hurt?

I was trying some in the past, but all that happened was that my links ended up in automated mass link exchange directories within thousands of other links.

Not very helpful, even worth I think Google could easily rate these as link spam, hurting my rankings more than it helps.

Any good suggestions?
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All The Best,

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Here are a few rules I always weigh up when judging a potential link partner:

Quality over quantity.
Relevance and, but not over, pagerank.
One way in-bound links over reciprocal links.
Relevant anchor text in the link.
Stay away from "bad neighborhoods" (sites that utilize unethical practices)

Literally any website that ticks the above boxes is a good potential link exchange, or even better, just link, partner. As for suggesting good link exchange partners, it all depends on the content of your site. The benefits of 7 good inbound links will far outweigh a thousand bad ones. Use google to identify potential partners and submit your site, or email the website owner.

Jeremy G
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