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Long lasting traffic for all kinds of sites

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Long lasting traffic for all kinds of sites

Seeing as this is my 1st post, I am starting off with a little bang bang. Not sure if anyone has shared this here before or not. I looked and didn't see it anywhere.


Basically, it is an auto-blog plugin for wordpress and a very nice one. Totally free even though I don't htink it should be . Better than a lot of $100 plugins out there. Wp Robot does the same thing but costs over $150, other's I've seen a little cheaper but not very good IMHO. This one is good and cheap. Well, cheaper than cheap, it's free ;-)
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This one seems worth looking into. I am going to test it on one of my blogs as soon as I get around to it.
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if you want long lasting traffic for your website than your website must be proper optimized and most of the keywords should be in top 10 ranking.
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