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Links and pr rank

mark schaaf
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Links and pr rank

My site is doing better with the links I have gotten but I was wondering about links I might want to add to my site. For example my site is about travel and many places people are going to want to see museums, for there information I list many museums in the country my site is about but what would happen to my ranking if i were to put links to many of the museums so people could get more info about them. In some areas of the country they are over 100 museums so I am worried about ending up with more outbound links then I have coming in. Does it matter what kind of link I have going out. Thanks.
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I think you will be fine if you just list major museums.

You only get in trouble if you have more than 100 outbound links on a page.

Plus, this could be a clever marketing strategy too. If you write a review or detailed description of a museum, they might find it and link back to you.

A very LONG time ago, I had a travel blog that I kept for fun. I wrote about trips I took around the Northwest US and Canada. Before too long, some of the places I wrote about found my blog and linked back to it simply because I mentioned them :)
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I agree with Clayton, don't clutter any single page with these links. But if you want to avoid linking all together, look on the museum site for video walkthroughs that you could post right on your site without linking to them at all. You might want to ask if this is ok with the museum but I don't think they would have any problem with it.

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