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Link juice with lots of links on page where you post

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Link juice with lots of links on page where you post

If you have a .edu site with a PR6 root domain, and a PR4 inner page to leave a comment, but there are thousands of other links on the same page, is the link pretty much devalued because of this? Or, would there still be some link juice because of the high PR on a .edu site?

Thank you.
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It depends on what is being linked to and not on the number of links on the page. If the backlink leads to a highly relevant, helpful and high quality web page, it actually adds value to both the page that is being linked from and the page that is being linked to; and that's because it adds to a positive user experience.

The main objective of the google criteria for ranking web pages and assigning PR is to provide the best experience to google users. And that means that they do their best to weed out irrelevant pages, spam pages, malicious pages, low quality pages, and the like.
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I found a simple algorithm on link juice on this page: SEO Expert - Venetsian Jacks

Total Link Juice Value = (Total Website Value multiplied by Total Number of Pages on domain) then divided by Total Number of External Links for that website plus the Total Linking Page Value.
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