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Link Exchange - Where do I put reciprocal links on my site?

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Link Exchange - Where do I put reciprocal links on my site?

I have been doing some article submissions and listing my site on directories etc, now I want to exchange links with relevant sites, but i am not sure where I should put the reciprocal links on my website? Do I just start a new page and just list them under the heading of links? Can I put sites on this page without asking them?

I have looked at a few relevant sites to my topic and they do not seem to have any lists of links....

thanks for your help
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The best way for both parties would be to put the links in some content. This looks more natural to google. Link directories don't really add much value to the user, do they? Not to say they won't work today, but I have a feeling they will have less and less importance.
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geoff pun
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I doing link stuffs too. You can exchange with me, i got a non-related links section. good luck on your baby-related site getting links, zoe
u can email me
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