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Lessons on Landing Pages and Keywords?

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Lessons on Landing Pages and Keywords?


Can someone tell me or direct me to one of the Lessons where I can find out how many keywords I should add to my Landing pages?

I will be making a landing page with the help of a Landing page generator of some sort and it asks me to add my keywords.

I have over 2,000 keywords for this one particular affiliate program I want to promote, but I'm not sure if adding more would be beneficial to the search engines or not.....I'm making this one Landing page for the search engines that would be submitted on a monthly basis and I want to get the best possible results. So, about how many keywords should I add?

Thank you for your time!

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Target no more then 3 per page... maximum I would say.

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Hey Lori,

Check out the interviews with Marc Lindsay, (7.1 & 7.2) -- we talk about this sort of thing. For the first video there's also a paraphrased transcript of the interview that makes it all pretty easy and clear.

All the best,
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