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Know The Value of Search Engine Result Positioning

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Know The Value of Search Engine Result Positioning

Want to know just how important it is to be listed on page one and at the top of that search engine results page?

From Chitika:

"Chitika Insights examined tens of millions of online ad impressions in which the user was referred to the page via a Google search."

Read all about it here:

p.s. This page is a great example of offering a freebie in exchange for an e-mail, building a list is something we all should be getting good at doing. To get the report they take you to a nice simple squeeze page, it's great, emulate this whole process if you can.
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Hi Andrew,

Yes, that squeeze page was simple yet very effective. It's very straightforward: a list of the important points found within the report, an image of the report which, while plain, looks very professional.

I also liked the article. It provides good information to the user, but leaves just enough for the user to want to click to download the full report.

Thanks for sharing!
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