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Keyword SEO and the numbers.....dropped !

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Keyword SEO and the numbers.....dropped !

I spent weeks SEOing my site and found pretty good keywords and insert them in. To my surprise my numbers of visitors actually dropped !. I might add that I changed my main keyword. Can you explain ?
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seo takes time, sometimes months of work, depending on the competition for your keywords. Things always go up and down, especially as you make changes to your site.

I often find that it takes about 6 months for seo to really give you the full benefit. This is part of why I always recommend trying to get direct traffic through your links, rather than relying on seo completely. search engines take time to trust a new site. you can get quick rankings, but it is normal for them to bounce around for the first few months.

Just keep building links, and look for sites that will target direct traffic. There are loads of sites out there where you can get links that are targeted to your niche. Also, getting on some authority sites will help get articles rankings quicker, because search engines already trust these sites.

For example, I can put an article on hubpages or EZA targeting a low competition keyword and get high search rankings within a matter of days, and with just a few backlinks.
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