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Joomla! and SEO

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Joomla! and SEO

I'm considering migrating my current site (static web pages) into Joomla!. I rank pretty high in all 3 major search engines and do not want to lose these rankings, what do you suggest? Should I go for Joomla!? Should I redirect the highly ranked pages? I'm a bit worried but my site's growing and I need some kind of CMS. Any other option?
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Your pages' ranking will not be affected as long as the redirects are properly configured. You might want to look at using Wordpress instead. Joomla has a different structure, is more difficult to manage compared to Wordpress and tends to confuse beginners.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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If your site and the links pointing to it have a decent amount of trustrank then you have nothing to worry about. Others converted dozens of high ranking sites from static or other platforms to Joomla and have never had the rankings drop.

But there are things to consider, have a look at your source code and look at the code for joomla sites, see where the content is on the actual page and how its laid out, but generally speaking you can set up a joomla site to display the information as with many static pages. - and yes to be safe test it first!
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