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Is linking to my ezine articles a waste of time?

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Is linking to my ezine articles a waste of time?

I was thinking about creating tons of spun blogs,lenses,etc. to my ezine articles to help them rank. Will this help them bring in traffic or not? Also I have found that I enjoy writting articles. Would it be a good idea to just write article after article (like 500+ articles) to generate traffic or would I be barking up the wrong tree with this idea?
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Paul J. Burkhardt
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Hi Burk,
Yes submitting these to EZA will bring you traffic. Just make them highly targeted and relevant.
Will this convert to sales? well that depends on alot of factors within your chosen niche.
500+ articles.. you must really like to write...lol
You can never have "Too many" articles out there. Just make sure that they are good quality and provide some good linkbacks to your main page you want to rank for.

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