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Is document sharing with url part of white hat seo?

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Is document sharing with url part of white hat seo?

I was looking for the methods of white hat seo for my new website. I don't want any later issues about the quality of my backlinks. So I search on web and become aware of document sharing sites. I want to know if backlinks from these sites are helpful to rank better and if it is a part of white hat or black hat seo?
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I love document-sharing sites. These sites give some diversity in terms of backlinks. Additionally, since they are content-based where your readers can share your content, you will also have the chance to get direct visits from these shares.

Now, is this strategy a white hat or black hat SEO? The answer: it depends on how you use the site. If you will create documents with low quality content or for the sake of creating backlinks, this is considered a black hat technique. But if you are going to create good quality and worthy-to-share article, this is a white hat approach.
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