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Is comments with CommentLuv really DOfollow

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Is comments with CommentLuv really DOfollow

I have some issues with getting DO follow links.

I have been using a couple of tools to find dofollow links.
G lock Blogfinder: Get some 600 blog returns, but all page ranks are ´questionmark´ and the quality of the blogs generallly s***.

Market Samurai: hardly any return. 1 on the keyword wgere I get more than 100 in G lock.

Some dofollow search engines like http://www.seopositions.net/dofollow/ but also this comes back with no PR ranks for the keyword.

hen I searched in the keyword and ´commentluv´. The issue here is that I thought that the names and links in the comments should be dofollow, but often they seem to be Nofollow (according the page source view and another tool like ´quirk searchstatus´).

Any ideas on this?
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