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Indexing tags, categories or posts?

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Indexing tags, categories or posts?

Hi Guys..

I'm having a problem with seo/configuration and my ecommerce style wordpress blog. There are mostly tags indexed, categories, and only a couple post pages. I'm starting to get a tiny bit of traffic for tags that are put together by the searcher (not exactly what I thought was going to happen, but this is my second question).

The 1st problem... Say someone is typing in "fuzzy blue nfl slipper" (which is 2-3 tags put together). The listing in google looks great. It will say what's in the post in the listings description, but when highlighted and clicked on will go to a very "general" tag or category page, where the user has to scroll far down to find that item listing - thus...losing the customer. Who has patients for that, right? I need to fix this problem.

Is this a keyword, tag, description or something else problem?? I"ll fix it in wordpress, but don't know what to fix. (I agree that the datafeeds and plugin werent working properly and left out tags and descriptions for some, but I"m not sure if this is the problem)

2nd problem.... Many extraneous, unnecessary tags got put into my blog and got indexed, so it's not optimized the way it should be. Ex.. "fuzzy" got put in as a tag, along with "mesh," "blue," etc. when I wanted more relavancy 'nfl slipper."

Should I add all the tags I want by hand, and delete the others?? What if they're indexed already?

Thanks so much for your help.

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