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I keep getting a white screen when I try to leave a comment.

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I keep getting a white screen when I try to leave a comment.

I have been trying to build backlinks by reading posts and commenting on them with a link to my site but 9 out of 10 times when I hit submit the screen goes blank white. This even happens on posts that have other comments that where posted recently and not of good quality. Are my comments waiting for a moderator or is there something wrong?
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Paul J. Burkhardt
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I suggest you send an email to the forum administrator/moderator...I think the white screen you see is not caused by the backlinks but a problem with the site itself.....You can try posting without backlinks first and check if you still see the same problem....

Oh, are you just trying one specific forum, or does the same thing happen when you try to post on different forums?
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Site Admin
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Some forums require a certain number of posts before you could use signatures or leave a comment with your link on it. Try to read the forum rules and check if they allow signatures/links in your posts or you could email the forum administrator as Michael025 said :)
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