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Hyphens in Domain Names - Will I have any SEO problems?

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Hyphens in Domain Names - Will I have any SEO problems?

I have a name I really want to use, and can get the hyphen version of it, but am wondering if there are any SEO problems with the strategy. The name is getting-clicks.com, and someone has a site gettingclicks.com which is a generic paid directory listing. I'm not concerned about trademark issues because it is composed of generic terms and I will be using it in context.

What I am looking for is feedback on these two issues:

1. Will the Goo and other SEs penalize me for having a similar name, particularly a name similar to what could be considered a trash site.

2. Although I won't be doing offline advertising, do you think there could be direct access issues with potential customers going to the other site. If so how much of an impact considering most of my traffic should be click through driven.

As an alternative I have gettingtheclicks.com and am wondering if adding "the" in the title dilutes the "getting clicks" phrase.

J Andrew Morrison
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Similarity to another domain name isn't likely to affect you, don't worry about that. Remember that the search engines only penalize you for things that you create or do yourself... what someone else does on a different site isn't your problem.

The only problem is that your site name isn't particularly memorable, hyphen or no hyphen. If, as you say, your site is going to be purely click-through driven, then don't worry. If you're wanting to create a sticky site that people will come back to by typing the name into their browser, then it's not such a good name.

But otherwise go for it!

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