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How to post to these sites?

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How to post to these sites?


I was looking at a competitor that is beating me by a little in the organic results for my product. This is a technology gadget product, and he he has very good links for his articles on technology sites like:


And 100's of other links due to article sites.. Anyways, I can not figure out how to post to these technology article directories despite about 30mins of navigating around their site. Can anybody help me to understand this?

Also, what is the best article directory submit software out there to get the most links per article?

Thanks so much,
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Hi, not wanting to spend another wasted half hour looking at your two posted technology sites I'll just answer the second part of your question.

I've found senuke to be fairly good in distributing content for me.

I've found though that focussing on a shortlist of authority sites that have really high google rankings and a lot of traffic, and distributing my content there, that I miminise the work and still am able to dominate search results with my content. I love posterous as you can automate content distribution to other blog sites and bookmark too. This gives a lot of links. Scribd gives good links and my content comes up often in search results there, depending upon the keyword in the title.

Hope this helps Sylvan!
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Lara @TwoKad

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