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How to Disguise an Active Link to Avoid Being Labeled An SEO

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How to Disguise an Active Link to Avoid Being Labeled An SEO

If you’re using SEO on your blog it’s always a good idea to include a backlink to an authority site on your posts and pages. (I use Wikipedia.com).

However too many links can look spammy… but there is a way in which to make that link not appear as a link to your visitor by using a little HTML which disguises that link and can also be used on any link. (You use your keyword as anchor text)

Here’s how to do it by placing the following code into your sentence!

<a style= "text-decoration:none;color:black;" <a href="http://authority site"ref=nofollow">Anchor text=keyword</a>

The following is an example of how I used this using the keyword “fish finder”
Page 1 of <a style="text-decoration:none;color:black;"<a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fish_finder"ref=nofollow">Fish Finder.</a>



=> removes the underline color:black

=> This is your normal font color (Obviously you would use the same color as the text you’re using on the page.

rel="nofollow" => You don't want to leak out any link juices.

(Note: The Wikipedia page I’m linking to is the page on which Wikipedia explains what a fish finder is but is not necessary as long as it’s a link to an authority site.)
This will make the link looks exactly like normal text.
By using this method, you can point out a link to an authority site for SEO purposes without concern over your visitors leaving your site because of too many links or loosing credibility.
I hope this helps all Affilorama members. Use it and prosper.

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Having too many links on a page does look spammy.

I think this information is very helpful, Backhoe48. Thanks for sharing it ;)
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Great post Dan (Backhoe48) ...
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